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falling number tester



Have two model,one have print function and the other one have no print function.Can test amylase activity in grain and judge sprout degree of injury.According to GB/T10361-2008,the accuracy is high. .In particular wheat flour test. It is the necessary quality examination instrument in grain stores, domain, bread flour processing, food processing and so on.


Grain dust(such as wheat flour) suspension paste in boiling water bath. Because alpha-amylase activity is different,the starch in pasting is liquidfied in various degree.The liquidfied degree is different, pasting falling speed is different.The falling number indicate the difference of alpha-amylase activity.If the falling number is lower,the alpha-amylase activity is higher.


Muddler quality: 25±0.05g

Water bath barrel preheated pipe :600W
Viscosity tube:

Inside diameter:21±0.02mm
Outer diameter: 23.8±0.25mm
Inside high: 220±0.3mm
Repeat: Difference of the two test results does not over 10%

Size: 420×340×350mm
Weight: 25kg

Power resource: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

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