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  • CTK120 Automatic Decapping Centrifuge

  • DD-5M low speed centrifuge 5000rpm

  • DL-5M Feature: Superior performance Microprocessor control and driv…

  • DL5Y oil test centrifuge

  • DL-6M refrigerated centrifuge 6000rpm

  • GL-10MD large capacity refrigerated centrifuge 10000rpm Max

  • GL-21M vertical refrigerated centrifuge 21000rpm

  • H1650 tabletop centrifuge 16500rpm

  • H1650R Refrigerated centrifuge 16500rpm

  • H1650-W tabletop centrifuge 16500rpm Max

  • H2050R refrigerated centrifuge 20500rpm Max 4x750ml Max

  • H2050R-1 refrigerated centrifuge 20500rpm Max 4x750ml Max

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