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Pubilished:  Sep. 10th, 2013

Revised: Mar.10th, 2015


Personal Information Protection Policy

Hangzhou Sumer Instrument Co.,Ltd (hereafter, Sumerlab) recognizes the importance of personal information, 
and we consider it our obligation to properly protect personal information that we may acquire. 
Sumerlab addresses this obligation by adhering to the following policies.

1. Providing Personal Information

When personal Information is provided to our company, its use (purpose, range of use, Sumerlab contact) will be 
disclosed, specified, or explained through notification either beforehand or immediately upon its submission.


If there is a change in the use of this information, Sumerlab will provide notification or public disclosure to that effect.



2. Management of Personal Information

Sumerlab has established an administrative provision for handling personal information, and this organization ensures
the security of, and the prevention of leaks, loss or damage to the entrusted information.

Sumerlab does not disclose personal information to third parties, except in the following instances.
When personal information is consigned to a third party, appropriate supervision implemented through contractual 
obligation, etc. ensures that there is no leakage or re-offering of the entrusted information.



3. Handling of Personal Information

Personal information will be handled according to the use specified, disclosed or notified, or according to the 
permission granted.

Personal information received in the normal course of business, such as from business cards, etc, or from the 
internet, official journals, government records, etc., and personal information obtained from inquiries, applications 
for documents requests, seminars, etc., will be used only when it is necessary to contact you directly. 
It may also be used for product guidance and services, as well as for surveys.

4. Cookies

There are specifics areas of our website(s) that use a programming function known as 'cookies', which record 
information about your visit to our website on your hard drive. This is NOT considered a security risk, and only 
records information that you provide us. This information is NOT available to other websites. It is uniquely yours 
and can only be read by the server that gave it to you.

This website uses Google Analytics, a website statistics service provided by Google, Inc.
Sumerlab only uses the information to help improve the site and will not be used otherwise.



Changes to the Privacy Statement

All material changes to our Privacy Policy and practices will be posted on this page. The revision date shown 
at the top of the page will be updated accordingly.


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