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Model :

YDH-3 YDH-8-80 Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper


Product details:

Liquid nitrogen absorbent is designed in the vessel of this series of containers, which absorbs and stores liquid nitrogen inside. Even if the container is turned over during transportation, liquid nitrogen never spills out. With lower static evaporation loss, these containers are especially suitable for air transportation.

Main Features:
1. High-strength aluminum alloy structure, light empty weight;
2. Optional locking cover to protect stored biological samples;
3. Protective jacket to prevent collision, portable;
4. Two-year vacuum warranty.


Model Unit YDH-3 YDH-8-80
Capacity L 3.5 8
Empty Weight kg 5.2 8.9
Neck Diameter mm 50 80
Outer Diameter mm 224 303
Height mm 505 590
Static Evaporation Loss L/d 0.14 0.22
Static Hold Time d 25 36
Canister Outer Diameter mm 38 70
Canister Height mm 276 276
Numbers of Canisters ea 1 1
Straw Holding Capacity 0.5ml ea 214 820
0.25ml ea 472 1780
Numbers of Canes ea 4 15
Numbers of Vials ea 20 75
Optional Locking Cover ea

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