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Dry bath incubator


The Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor-controlled product . With this technique, more stable and accurate temperature control is achieved. Replacement is convenient with optional metal modules of various specifications configured for different types of test tubes.

Features for Dry Bath Incubator K30

1. LED display

2. Current temperature and count down time display

3. Metal blocks free of sample counter-pollution

4. Easy replacement, cleaning and disinfecting of metal blocks

5. Built-in over-temperature protection

6. Calibrating temperature discrepancy

7. Buzzer alarm when temperature control ends

8. Only heating design and Custom blocks are available

Specification for Dry Bath Incubator K30

Temperature control range from 5℃ above ambient to 100℃
Time required for temperature to increase from 20 to 100 ≤15 min
Temperature control discrepancy ≤±0.5℃
Display discrepancy ±0.1℃
Homogeneity of block temperature ≤± 0.5℃
Maximum heating power 150W
Maximum temperature 105℃
Time Range 99 h 59 min
Standard Blocks See " Dry Bath Blocks for K30"

Blocks for Dry Bath Incubator K30

Type Parameter Capcity Dimension (mm)
A-30 Centrifuge tubes 96x0.2ml φ108x 32
B-30 Centrifuge tubes 29x0.5ml+32x1.5ml φ108x 32
C-30 Centrifuge tubes 61x0.5 ml φ108x 32
D-30 Centrifuge tubes 41x1.5ml φ108x 32
E-30 Centrifuge tubes 41x2.0ml φ108x 32
F-30 φ6mm 61 φ108x 32
H-30 φ12mm 28 φ108x 50
I-30 φ13mm 28 φ108x 50
J-30 φ15mm 21 φ108x 50
K-30 φ16mm 21 φ108x 50
L-30 φ18mm 17 φ108x 50
M-30 φ20mm 14 φ108x 50
N-30 φ25mm 9 φ108x 50

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