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Cyclone Sample Mill



FS-II laboratory cyclone sample mill apply to crush samples. Can crush wheat, corn, rice, mung beans, soybeans and so on efficiently and quickly .Crushed samples in line with Chen Hualiang testing and the whole wheat of pre-gluten flour processing requirements. Provide the standard powder-samples to sedimentation value, gluten parameters, and the viscosity of the biochemical indicators. Decrease sample loss, improve flour extraction. Close type touch switch. Prevent dust pollution and improve reliability. Not loose protein and fat during crushing.


1.Microcomputer time control system, working hours can be accurately set to seconds, automatic shutdown.

2.Use high-speed cyclone principle, add sample to inlet orifice slowly.The cyclone is threw to milling room and turn to powder.Send the podwer to sample bottle by wind path and get the required sample.

Technical parameters:

Electric power: 370 W

Impeller speed: 10,000 r/m

Expected average flow: 150 g / min

Smash the fineness: 60-100 Head

Grinding out rate: > 98%

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